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My Statement: Janus vs AFSCME

Today, led by a Justice in a seat stolen by Trump and Senate Republicans, the Supreme Court of the United States dealt a blow to the freedom of American workers. The right to organize, have a voice, and join together to advocate for working people in the face of corporate power and greed is fundamental to a thriving middle class. It is one step toward evening the playing field in pursuit of basic fairness. Women and men have fought and died for those rights and we will continue to honor them by fighting back.

This ruling hurts millions of American workers. Our teachers and firefighters are now at even more of a disadvantage in advocating for fairness and respect. This is not the direction we need to go. I am running to fight for the middle class. I am running to fight for more access to family sustaining jobs so that each and every one of us is free to work toward the promises of the American Dream. I am running because crushing poverty and an inability to promise your children a better world are unacceptable. American labor is strong and resilient and, while this is a setback, I am here to stand and fight with our brothers and sisters. Together, #WeRise.

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