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Say "NO" to mass incarceration and racial discrimination in PA

Next week, members of the Sentencing Commission will take a vote on implementing a risk assessment metric, which would be used to weigh a number of variables to assess the chances someone might reoffend in the future. A vote in favor of this algorithm is a vote to perpetuate mass incarceration and racial discrimination.

This faulty metric could improperly influence judges or lead to overly harsh sentences, especially against people of color.

This instrument will:

1) exacerbate mass incarceration

2) worsen racial disparities in our justice system and the Commonwealth

3) increase the already enormous budget for corrections.

We need someone who will fight for criminal justice reform, not against it.

From the article: “Jondhi Harrell, founder of the Center for Returning Citizens, an advocacy group, said, “We would ask that the basic humanity of our people not be reduced to a number.”

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