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Defend Public Education in Pennsylvania

🚨 Call to action! Defend public education! 🚨

From the Action Network:

“ESA vouchers will siphon hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money out of public schools and into unaccountable private/religious schools and private companies. These vouchers will increase property taxes and reduce access to educational opportunities for all students in order to fund the private education of a few. Because students who are ALREADY in private schools would be eligible for an ESA voucher, school districts could lose millions of dollars without a single student leaving a struggling school.

There is little transparency or accountability for the money that will be funneled into private entities, creating significant opportunities for the waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars. Instead of driving money away from our public schools, which educate 90% of PA’s students, we need you to be investing in them.”

Call your state senator and stop the attack on our public schools!

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