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On an average day, 7 children and teens are killed with guns in the U.S. Since the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012, over 7,000 children have been killed by guns. Kids are standing up, speaking out, and demanding that government stand up to the gun lobby and protect children instead of guns.

In my town, students from Spring-Ford High School invited me to speak at their school's walkout planned for this afternoon. Unfortunately, the school's administration declined the students' request to hold an event for National School Walkout Day. While it's frustrating and disappointing that the event was canceled, I'm so proud of these students for organizing to advocate for change and refusing to be ignored by their elected representatives. We all deserve to feel safe in our schools, homes, and communities. Students aren't just our feature leaders, they're leading the movement demanding change and common-sense gun safety measures. Students have the right to be heard.

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