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New York Times Article - They Can't Wait to Vote

At a meeting last month with my Indivisible Group (Indivisible Mid Montco), New York Times reporter, Alex Burns, interviewed me on the state of the Democratic party here in PA and the energized efforts of local grassroots groups to take back the State House and State Senate in 2018:

"At a meeting of the liberal group Indivisible in Eagleville, Pa., last month, Democratic activists railed not just against Mr. Trump, but also against Republicans in Harrisburg, the state capital, accusing them of wringing money from suburban voters while neglecting local schools and infrastructure. Katie Muth, a leader of the group who is running for State Senate, declared from the front of a Unitarian church that 2018 was the moment to “save Pennsylvania.”

But Mr. Trump’s unpopularity is likely to help. Pam Hacker, an electrician running for the State House, said she rarely brings up the president, but sees him alienating communities that once voted Republican.

“It is a new Republican Party,” she said, “and I just don’t think it’s a friendly face.”

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