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Hard-working middle class families need more voices that represent them in the State Senate



Property Tax Relief

Hardworking people and families have been burdened by outrageous property taxes, due to poor leadership in Harrisburg by our current elected officials.  This is something that hits very close to home for me, since my grandmother was forced to sell her home in Western PA because she could no longer afford to pay the property tax on her home that she owned for over 40 years.  I support initiatives such as rebate programs to decrease the burden of property taxes, especially amongst Seniors, so that they do not have to sell their homes and can retire with dignity and financial security.  I will fight to make sure that wealthy corporations and the oil and gas industry pay their fair share and put an end to skyrocketing property taxes.


Quality & Affordable Healthcare For All

Adequate and affordable healthcare for families is not a privilege that state legislators should use as a bargaining chip. It is a public resource that should be provided to all working families.  I support state-sponsored healthcare for all, so that every Pennsylvanian has access to affordable and quality healthcare services.

Rejuvenating Our Public School System

We must choose to invest in our future by rejuvenating the Pennsylvania public school system and provide educators the resources necessary to succeed.  My goal is to ensure this becomes the standard without overtaxing hardworking Pennsylvanians, particularly those within the 44th District.


Balanced Government

For too long Harrisburg has been mired in bureaucracy and special interests, resulting in imbalance and inefficiency. Harrisburg is run by a state legislature controlled by career politicians that answer only to special interests.  We need to put Harrisburg back to work, so that we can put forth positive and impactful legislation that will benefit all Pennsylvanians.



Government should act to protect all of the people, especially those who cannot protect themselves.  This includes insuring the sick and elderly, preserving the environment, promoting safe schools and communities and ensuring job and retirement security for the hardworking people of the Commonwealth.


Harrisburg needs values-based leaders who will fight for freedom and fairness for all.  I am one of those leaders and I will work with others to make our state a place of progress and prosperity.  I will work hard to make Pennsylvania a truly free, safe, and fair place where everyone can succeed and prosper.


As your State Senator, I have been fighting for fairness, economic security, and a level playing field for everyone living in our Commonwealth. Our state government needs real, meaningful reform that ensures transparency, and accountability. We need to make our state government work for the people, not special interests.


When I was elected in 2018, I vowed to clean up Harrisburg and fight for a people-centered government. Thank you for standing with me in this fight! We have made significant strides, but there is still a lot of work to do! It is a true honor to represent you and I hope to earn your support in 2022!

Senator Katie Muth is a passionate advocate for change. Grounded in the strong values of hard work, dedication, and commitment to helping others, Senator Muth is determined to champion Pennsylvanians. On November 6, 2018, Senator Muth was elected to the state Senate’s 44th District, representing Montgomery, Chester, and Berks Counties.


Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, Senator Muth’s background and experience instilled a fervor for citizen activism and service. She was educated at Penn State where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Trainers and obtained her master’s degree at A.T. Still University of Health Sciences in Mesa, Arizona.


While completing her master’s thesis, she promoted health care for student-athletes and studied concussion-related injuries at high schools in the Phoenix area. Senator Muth most recently served as an adjunct professor of kinesiology at a local university, while also practicing sports medicine.


With a proven record of activism, Senator Muth is focused on helping those struggling to find affordable health care, ensuring equal pay for equal work, promoting a livable wage, and paid family medical leave. In addition, the senator is focused on making sure that everyone throughout Pennsylvania has access to clean air and pure water.


Senator Muth and her husband, Trevor, reside in Royersford, Montgomery County.

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